Setting goals and sharing them

When you start a new year or you are ready to start on a new stage in your life, make sure that you think about setting goals and dreams.  Not only think about them but write them down and then tell others about your goals and dreams.

My wife and I loved to watch Jay Leno on the Tonight Show.  One day while talking with a coworker in his office, I noticed that he had a picture with Jay Leno, so I mentioned that my wife and I would love to meet him someday.  Well, to my surprise, I didn’t know how well he knew Jay. 

My coworker arranged for my wife and me to get VIP passes and meet the guests for the show.  So, we flew out to Los Angeles, met Jay, and after the show I got to stand where Jay did his monologue – a trip I will never forget.  Oh, and one of the guests that night was Barack Obama.  You never know where telling someone about your goals and dreams will get you.

Mark at Tonight Show

So make sure you set your goals, write them down, and then tell someone about them.  By setting goals and dreams and then sharing them with someone it helps to visualize what you want to achieve and that person can help hold you accountable.

Even post a picture of your goal on a key place in your house or work.  One of my goals was to drive a new SUV, so I cut out a picture of it and put it on my bulletin board to remind me.  I was driving that brand new SUV within 12 months after figuring additional ways to make some extra income.

Please share a goal or a dream that you have in the comments below.